Nathan & Sam

Our Story

For Nate and Sam, it was love at first swipe. They met one another on Tinder and both swiped right. Sam, ever the bold one, was the one who asked Nathan out for a drink. How could she resist those blue eyes and the fact that he was 6’7″? And Nathan being the smart guy that he is, said yes!

They met two days later for drinks at Bosscat Kitchen. As soon as he sat down, Nate was crestfallen. They had their drinks and chatted to one another but Nathan thought this girl was way out of his league and was convinced she wasn’t into him. He asked if she wanted another drink and to grab some dinner, and to Nathan’s surprise, she agreed. All the while, Sam was fascinated by their conversations even though it included talk of his very odd, yet respectable diet restrictions and the blog he documented the experiences within. They both were pleasantly surprised by this Tinder date, yet it abruptly came to an end when Sam’s best friend called and said she’d had a terrible date and needed a girl’s night. Nate at this point was pretty sure he was never going to speak to her again, and that she’d faked the whole call to get out of the date.

Surprisingly enough though, she said she did want to go out again. So they met and went out again the next night, and the next, and the next and didn’t stop spending time with one another for the next two weeks straight. That was the beginning of a loving series of dates that just never ended.

Nate knew she was special when she also fell in love with Jaime and Tyrion (his cats) and watched them a few weeks later while he was out of town. Then three months later they moved in together and it’s been one happy family ever since.

After that Sam and Nate fell into the happy rhythms of a life of love with one another. Shortly after their 1-year anniversary they decided to buy a condo together in Orange, CA. Despite only being together a short time, they knew they were ready for a big commitment to one another and were really sick of paying rent prices in Southern California!

After buying a house, it was just a matter of time before they got engaged. Nathan had promised Sam he was going to surprise her and he did, even though she didn’t believe he could! Three months after buying a house, at Sam’s parent’s 34th wedding anniversary lunch, Nathan proposed to Sam in front of her family (with their permission of course) and Sam agreed to be his wife!

Since then wedding planning and getting settled into their home has taken a good chunk of their time, but they are very excited to be committing themselves to one another in front of their friends and family, and look forward to sharing their love with all of you as well.